Do I need a referral?

Usually, a referral is required, from your doctor, specialist, lawyer or insurer. For assessments associated with an insurance claim or for medio-legal purposes, a referral is usually made through your solicitor or legal counsel. Please provide the referral documentation before your appointment.

How do I prepare for my neuropsychological appointment?

A neuropsychological assessment can be mentally demanding, so the best preparation is to get a good night’s rest the night before your appointment, and avoid physically or mentally draining activities. As the session can take many hours, it is recommended that you do not schedule any important activities for the remainder of the day.

You cannot study for this type of assessment. It is intended to be an accurate snap-shot of how you are currently functioning.

It is important that heavy alcohol consumption or illicit drug use are avoided for one to three days before the assessment, as they can impact test performance. However, it is important that you continue to take medication as prescribed by your doctor.

Please bring the following items to your assessment session:

  • Reading glasses (if applicable)
  • A medical referral (if one has not already been sent by your referrer)
  • A list of all medications that you are currently taking
  • If not already provided by your referrer, bring recent reports you may have from health professionals (for example, neurologists, psychiatrists etc.)

It is helpful to bring a family member or friend to the appointment, but they will not be present during testing. So as not to interfere with testing, you will be asked to turn mobile or electronic devices off, or to silent mode.

Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment to see one of our doctors.