Each of our practitioners is registered with the Australian Practitioner Health Regulation Agency (see www.ahpra.gov.au). We are also registered health care providers with Medicare Australia, various private insurance health funds, Western Australian Police, Insurance Commission of Western Australia, and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

We all hold postgraduate, higher degree qualifications in our field. With a broad range of experience and training, we use treatment approaches that are based upon or derived from research on ‘what works’ in practice.

Our principal practitioners have experience teaching other mental health professionals in psychiatry and psychology. Dr. Marjorie Collins has more than 25 years’ experience teaching psychology at university undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She brings this wealth of experience and expertise to working with adults in our practice.

Dr. Oleh Kay, our Psychiatrist, has served on executive boards within his field, including many years as the Western Australian Representative for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

For more information on our principal practitioners, see here:

Our training and expertise allow us to offer:

  • A full suite of psychiatric services for adults
  • Tailored psychological interventions for adults
  • Neuropsychological assessments for a variety of purposes (including clinical, medico-legal and research)
  • Professional and peer consultation and training

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